Choosing the right professional training to boost your career

In order to carry out a professional activity or trade, each person needs to acquire knowledge, interpersonal skills and know-how. These qualities can be acquired through vocational training. Furthermore, vocational training is a particularly important means for employed individuals or those seeking employment to meet the challenges of the ever-changing professional world. In addition to escaping unemployment, the diversification of career paths is indispensable. Thus, the adoption of quality professional training allows you to optimize your career through a quality program as well as adapted to your tastes and skills.  

The different types of vocational training

Vocational training is a decisive path to take for those who want to be actors invested in their professional lives. Indeed, it is a necessary tool to acquire new skills and, above all, to develop and maintain one's employability. Vocational training offers two types of training: initial vocational training and continuing vocational training. The initial training affects apprentices, students and those enrolled in higher professional education. It thus includes apprenticeships, vocational training and higher education. Continuing education is offered to jobseekers as well as employees, young people or adults who wish to benefit from new knowledge and experience during their working life. In addition, continuing vocational training helps to secure and optimise professional careers through training schemes. In short, employees and job seekers find a real advantage in pursuing vocational training.  

Vocational training as an asset when hiring

Constant changes characterize today's professional world. These changes may be structural or technological. Moreover, the digital transformation is a major challenge that companies and employees have had to face in recent years. Thus, being up to the level of the requirements of a targeted position is one of the reasons for moving to vocational training. In addition, one must know how to use the new tools and be up to date in one's knowledge of the latest technologies in order to be able to successfully integrate into today's professional life, especially for young graduates. Therefore, taking vocational training is an opportunity for productivity gains and a way to remain proactive and competitive in the labour market by responding to employers' demands when hiring. On the other hand, training allows you to expand your Curriculum Vitae. Indeed, vocational training is a better tool to increase employability for a person looking for work. For good reason, being able to demonstrate that you have the skills required to perform a given job is a considerable advantage in order to increase your chances of being hired. Mentioning the professional training you have completed in your résumé shows recruiters that you are a person who is invested in improving your performance and demonstrates your determination and motivation.  

Optimize and develop your professional career through professional training

On the one hand, obtaining a diploma that could contribute to an internal promotion is one more reason to follow professional training. Indeed, certain specific knowledge and skills are required to occupy posts at the higher level. So to tip the balance in your favour, training gives an employee the opportunity to apply for the various positions available within a company. On the other hand, most jobs are technical in nature and come with specific responsibilities. This situation leads to the search for rare profiles on the job market. Thus your professional prospects will be wider when you sign up for specialized training courses that will provide you with these necessary skills. In addition, it is also an opportunity to benefit from internal and external mobility. Furthermore, specialization will allow you to choose your job according to your objectives. On the other hand, many employees wish to retrain professionally. You may be in a situation where you are questioning your desire to work in a new profession or to join a particular sector of activity. Also for those who are considering reorienting their professional career to other fields, vocational training is an excellent way to do so. In this case, training provides a guarantee of skills for future recruiters and a security to argue one's motives for job seekers.  

Continuing one's career path with the job village

The job village is a platform that brings together several partner companies in France. Thanks to the experts and trainers who make it up, the job village is also a key player in vocational training. Through various programmes and training courses, it provides a guarantee and an employment perspective for people actively looking for work or employees who want to optimise or redirect their careers. Consequently, the employment village is not only a training school, it is also a platform facilitating professional integration. Likewise, the training courses offered by this hub provide opportunities for the winners to develop professionally as well as to extend their level of qualification. Undertaking vocational training with the employment village is a lever for competitiveness and adaptability of the people trained to cope with the various technological and technical developments required by the many jobs available on the employment platform. It is not only a means to train, but also to be hired by professionals from the business world. In addition, many professionals and students have noted the employment village with positive opinions testifying to the role of the platform in career development.  

Vocational training adapted to each learner

Whether it is a job in France or an international job, the job village offers training programs adapted to young graduates, the unemployed and company employees. Complete, intense and quality training will be provided to students so that they can benefit from expertise, coaching and a network woven by job village with its partners. Thus, it is not a question of classic courses but of personalised training adapted to your professional objectives. So programs adapted to all types of profiles and meeting the requirements of the market. Partners who are experts in their field make up the job village. You will be surrounded by several stakeholders such as employers in the Digital Sector or ESN companies, coaches-experts in placement, recruitment and communication, and specialized technical experts for skills upgrading. Consequently, the trainers will pass on their many years of experience so that the students can integrate large-scale projects such as IT projects. The job village offers tailor-made and on-the-job training for those who request their skills in vocational training. In addition, each training course is recognized and certified. In addition, you will be able to meet other professionals during the training courses with whom you can also build your own professional networks in a particularly competitive field.   In short, the trainers are at your disposal to give you the ingredients you need to land the job of your dreams. The employment village ensures your recruitment in careers as an expert in information systems because professional training will boost your career and will make it easier for you to adapt to your future occupation. Tips for deciphering a job offer When reading job advertisements, it is important to analyze the content of the publications you wish to apply for. By reading the description of a job offer carefully, you can discover several clues to help you prepare your application. Advantages of a recruitment agency A recruitment agency can reduce the time it takes to find new talented employees. Recruitment outsourcing also makes it possible to delegate administrative tasks related to recruitment while relieving oneself of a long and not always profitable process. Preparing for the job interview To be successful in a job interview, it is advisable to be natural and credible. This will require a real amount of preparation beforehand. Before the big day, you should reread the advertisement carefully, noting the different points of the profile you are looking for.
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