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Turquoise: meaning and common uses

You would be hard-pressed to find a gemstone more steeped in history and lore than this natural stone. It has held the imagination of humankind for millennia; in part due to its kaleidoscopic appearance from sky blue to green, which…

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Annual evaluation interview: tips for a good evaluation interview

In the world of work, the annual appraisal interview is one of the obligations that employees cannot shirk. Having a job is not enough, you must also be competent to keep it and hope for career development. It should be…

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How to balance your professional and personal life?

Everyday life is sometimes tumultuous. On the one hand, the calls, the e-mails, the files to deal with… on the other hand, going to the doctor’s; calling parents at school, spending time with your baby… You don’t know where to…

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Earning income on the internet: opting for paid e-mail

Paid mails are considered a useful extra job to round off your month-end. This practice consists in opening mails in order to receive a few euro cents for each opened mail. In order to receive an interesting sum, it is…

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How to succeed in online paid assignments?

Today, online, it is possible to earn money without any particular skill or experience. But how? What types of missions can be carried out? And what are the pitfalls to avoid? How can you avoid being scammed?   Why choose…

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