Does he have to love his job to be happy?

Your world of work needs your ambition, your fulfilment and your career. It is noticed that today's staff is duly attached to their work. Free time for him, right? Vacation time, too. "We kill ourselves" (hard work) to earn a little more money every day.  

Where's the happiness?

"My job is more than just my livelihood: It's my life, my world and my happiness. "Many people are on the same train. What do you say? Work is a source of finance, not a slaughterhouse: daily trains, daily shopping, window-shopping, nature, the beach, the sun, the sea, the joy of being with family and old friends. You can experience it all! Happiness is in the one who builds it. In other words, cultivate your happiness. No one will do it for you. So much personal involvement in your work, one day it's all over. Bam! Where are you at? We often find individuals who, because of their work, have become "monsters" and deprive themselves of the joy of life.  

What to do

Remember, before you go to work, you are a valuable person. Whether you are working or not, you are always a valuable person. You owe your work first and foremost to yourself, then come the second degrees: your obligations, family, loved ones, ... Free yourself: don't be too square. After all, you're the one doing the work. Nothing should influence you except your choices. Your professional situation is an environment that is unique to you. However, don't shut yourself off from it. Whether you are a leader or a collaborator, identify the difficult points: needs, deficiencies, strengths, perspectives. Know how to answer the following question: "What would I be without my job? "Most of the time, we are confronted with pressure from society, from the environment in which we live. From this frustration, we go headlong into work, sometimes to the point of "dying".  

Work isn't everything

Sometimes, so strong is our battle that even we lock up all positive energy. But the real battle is in our heads. Let's train our minds to be stronger than our emotions. Live as if you're never going to die and die as if you've been living the whole time. Work isn't everything. Little things are worth savoring. Fill up your tank to ease the tension. Work, but stay one step ahead. Blossom! Love what you do. That's how you'll find your joie de vivre... that's what happiness is all about!
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