Trades and employment in the textile industry

The textile industries are always looking for new workers to take up the business. The expansion of the industry is explained by the development of the use of new technologies to meet the needs and demands of customers. Indeed, textile is not an activity that involves a few employees. On the contrary, it is a sector that recruits hard workers while ensuring marketing at the end of the production process.  

Opt for a job and a profession in the textile industry

The textile industry focuses on activities related to the design, manufacture and marketing of textile products.  It should be noted that textile products are still present in our daily lives, hence the growth of employment and training in the textile industry. This field works in the creation by highlighting innovation. Thus, there are always job offers. It must be noted that the textile industry brings together hundreds and even thousands of SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises. The difficulty of the industry nowadays is due to the lack of attraction of young people to textile-related jobs, despite the existence of training for each type of job and textile training offered.  

What you need to know about jobs and employment in the textile world

If you work in the textile industry, you will be subject to employee status. Holidays and rest days will depend on your position within the company. There is flexibility in working hours. Textile employment also has bonuses, salary supplements and meal participation. Workers will be affiliated to social protection, employee services, and the works council.  

Working in the textile industry

There are many jobs and training courses in the textile industry. You can start your career as an executive, in the administration, in the workforce or elsewhere.  You can choose to work as a colour technician, industrial dyer, textile designer,... Above all, you are strongly advised to choose an adequate training in order to make sure that you will be able to get the job you want. In order to be able to practise in the field of your choice, you must put forward these talents by orienting yourself towards an adequate training.
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